Snow Plow Help!!!

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Snow Plow Help!!!

Postby beawoodwrkr » Fri Nov 18, 2011 3:48 pm

Do you have a tractor or some type of snow removal equipment? Would you be willing to help (for money of course) some of your neighbors? What is needed is plowing their driveway. We (the community) could use your expertise. :)

Maybe you know of someone that doesn't read the Forum, please call them and let them know.

Another thought, maybe you have a young person who is good with a shovel and would like to earn some extra money this winter. Same deal applies.

If you can help (first post here of course) and then contact the LCMC office. Email them at or call them 877-5233. They will put you on a list if and when we have snow.

Note: This is not a contract with the LCMC, the deal is between the plower and the lot owner. I have no interest in this except I feel there is a need and I would like to make this happen.
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