Location MUST be completed or you will be removed!

There is a requirement that you fill in the location field when registeringl! Make sure you read my post at viewtopic.php?t=423 . I AM DELETING NEW REGISTRATIONS WITHOUT NOTIFICATION!
If you haven't registered, you will only be able to see very few of the catagories. Please register and you will be able to use the site! Registeration help is provided in Registration under Forum Usage.
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Location MUST be completed or you will be removed!

Post by beawoodwrkr »

After watching what has happened on the LCMC website I have decided to strictly enforce my policy on no anonymous users on the Forum. What I mean is that many of us use “fictitious” user names. But if you look at my profile you can clearly see who I am and what my interest are at Lake Cushman. I will expect the same of my users. I don’t want folks on this Forum that are “just lurking” with no real interest in Lake Cushman but just looking for an email list.

So that is the rule, no third party posting or anonymous users. Anyone in that I can not recognize will be put on hold (can’t get into the Forum) and eventually removed from the member list. :)

The rules is: The Location field in your profile must contain your div/lot number unless you have given me some reason that you can not do that and will be using a name as your username. To enter the location field, just go and click on the "profile" link, top-middle, of home page.
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Re: Location MUST be completed or you will be removed!

Post by Wierdcobra »

So I fairly new here and it's my first time actually checking out this site since I joined. I usually use Facebook. I'm noticing that there are several members without their locations and also I found one that no longer lives in the property that is in their location. I know that because it's the same Div and lot numbers that I live in. Should I pm you about it?
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