There is a requirement that you fill in the location field when registeringl! Make sure you read my post at viewtopic.php?t=423 . I AM DELETING NEW REGISTRATIONS WITHOUT NOTIFICATION!
If you haven't registered, you will only be able to see very few of the catagories. Please register and you will be able to use the site! Registeration help is provided in Registration under Forum Usage.
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Please register to use the forum. The first step is to select “register” in the upper right menu. You then will see a disclaimer screen that you are over the age of 13. I suspect all of you are, so simply click on the appropriate selection. Then you will come to the actual registration page. Don't be overwhelmed with all of this. The only thing that is needed is the first section.
Username: Can be anything you can remember, not necessarily you name.
email address: This doesn't go beyond this site so don't worry. If you are concerned then go to Google, Hotmail or one of these and create a email address and use that. They are free and are helpful to have.
Password: Your choice but must contain at least 6 characters with letters and numbers. ie. Temporary1 (Upper case "T" and the number ONE)
retype password
Authorization Code: County we live in
Confirmation code: What you see in the box

I also need your Div/Lot under "Location", as I am going to limit certain areas of the website to Lake Cushman lot owners only. New: This is NOT going to be shown on your profile page, so only I will be able to use this.

Hit submit and you are done!
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