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If you haven't registered, you will only be able to see very few of the catagories. Please register and you will be able to use the site! Registeration help is provided in Registration under Forum Usage.
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Forum Usage Hints

Post by beawoodwrkr »

Hello all and greetings from the Lake Cushman Forum! I wanted to give you all a couple of hints that might make your use of the site a bit easier.

First, when you login, on the right side of the screen there are a few links there (highlighted words to click on). The first of those, "view posts since last visit". If you want to see what has been posted since you last logged in and don't want to wade through all of the categories, then click that link and a filter will take out all the old post that you have read.

Next, lets say you go into a topic and you are interested in keeping up with what is being said, but you really don't want to remember to visit the site each day. At the bottom of the topic listing there is another link that says either "stop watching this topic" or "watch this topic for replies". This allows one to either be informed (receive an email) if someone posts to this topic or if you are not interested, turn it off. Let me clarify, if it says, "stop watching this topic" you WILL receive an email (at the address you supplied when you registered) when someone posts.

Also, if you no longer wish to be a member of the forum (I hope not) please let me know and I will remove your login. If you change your email address please let me know, as this is necessary for membership. Thanks for your interest and I look forward to your comments.
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