Bill & Deanie's Trip To Alaska 2012

  June 9th June 10th

We left Fort Nelson about 9am.  Once you leave Fort Nelson you can put away your cell phone.  We drove all day 200 miles and the phone never found service! (No gas and oil along this stretch).

The drive was really beautiful.  Said to be the most scenic part of the AlCan.  We had great weather for the day, sunny and warm!  Saw lots of animals.  4 of the 5 bears we saw were on the side of the road right up where the clearing meets the bush.  As soon as we approached them they dashed into the bush.  There was one bear (only saw black bears) that dashed across the road in front of us.   We saw Caribou that streaked down the road in front of us.  Deanie is still in the process of learning to use the camera and didn’t have time to get a picture of it.  It looked young and they are such funny looking animals anyway, all legs!  There were three other Caribou as well we saw, one with some really big antlers.  Again two quickly they were gone into the bush.

The Wood bison were busily feeding next to the road.  They were so busy they didn’t even raise their heads. Deanie got a few good pictures of the Stone sheep along the road.  At one point a group was  LYING in the road.  There were three ewes and three babies. A crew had recently been filling potholes in road and the sheep come to lick the salts (asphalt snack anyone?).

At 115 Mile Creek we checked out an old abandoned campground for a potential overnight spot.  We walked down to the water there and got a few pics.  Nice water, so clear. 

Along the road is “the most beautiful lake in the northern Rockies”, deep turquoise Muncho Lake.  It said in the Milepost that when the U.S. was building he road in 1942 this was one of the most difficult places.  There is big dirt/gravel operation in process.  It looked like the entire mountainside had came sliding down!  We stopped at Strawberry Flats campground.  But just as we experienced on our last visit, the campground was already full (it was about 1pm).  The other Provincial Park was full too. The road around Muncho Lake is right on the water, just feet from the edge in several places.  Rock cliffs on one side and the water on the other.  I can see why the original crew had such a challenge here!

We did stop at Liard Hot Springs for a dip!  We had considered staying overnight at the Provincial Park, but full again.  We paid $10 day use and walked the ¼ mile boardwalk down to the springs.  The upper pond is no longer open.  Apparently there had been a bear attack some years back.

We continued north and as I had spotted some pull outs (thanks to Google Street View) about 30 miles from Liard Hot Springs.  We found one pretty large one and that was our overnight spot.  Managed to get the rig sort of level.  It was quiet throught the night and in the morning we awoke with a neighbor!


June 9 Fort Nelson to N59.62465 W126.82326
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We wanted to show you a view of what we saw for quite a bit of the day.  Road, trees, more road, etc. etc.   Some people call this boring.  I call it peacefull!
So you are wondering what a turnout looks like along the Alcan?  Well here it is!  Not all are this big but many are.
We had stopped along the road and I took a little walk down to the creek.  You can see all of the snow still melting as the creek cuts through.
One of the Sheep along the road.  As soon as this was shot he went right over the bank!
151 Mile Creek.  An old campground is right above this.
This is on down the 151 mile creek just a bit.
This is called "Folded Mountain".  The next picture might show more detail.
Detail of folded mountain.
This is Muncho Lake.  One very pretty lake!  7 mi long 1 mi in width and the deepest point 400 ft according to government records.  Others have reported depths of 730 ft.  Why the difference?
The baby sheep that was laying in the asphalt.
Grazing buffalo.  Hard to get them to raise their head as they are in the middle of a "job" (eating!)
Camping spot for the night! 
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