Bill & Deanie's Trip To Alaska 2012

  June 6th & 7 - Day 5 & 6 June 8th

I have combined June 6th & 7th as the 6th was pretty much a non-event day.  The day consisted of driving from Jasper to Grand Prairie, AB.  Grand Prairie is a large metropolitan area.  Home to the gas, oil, farming and lumber industries. Enjoyed a free BBQ at Centre 2000 visitor complex, got diesel and picked up a few groceries at Sav-On Foods.

We stayed overnight in Grand Prairie Camp Tamarack RV Park.  The charge for the park was $38.16.  We had a free dinner though.  When we checked in at the RV park the lady told us that every Wed the local Chamber of Commerce gave a free dinner.  So we drove up there and I ate a buffalo hot dog and Deanie had a burger. 

We filled one 30 lb propane tank for $22.95 (whew).  Nice manager changed $200 U.S. for Canadian and saved us a trip to ATM.   

We paid $1.06 per liter for fuel.  Everyone else in town must have checked Gas buddy for the best price, as we had to wait in line to fuel.  After we fueled the guy told us that American Express had declined our card.  Deanie had told AE that we were going to be in Canada and expect some out of country charges.  They still stopped the charge.  So she was back on the phone with them and they reactivated the card. 

Another “glitch” was our cell phone.  Before we left the US Deanie called Verizon and got us on a Canadian plan.  Now she asked the person on the line if the extra $20/mo included the data plan.  We have an iphone and thought it would be most helpful to use it for email, Rv ark info, backup maps (we have like 3 others!), and well just internet stuff.  We never expected staying in $40/night hookup places with WIFI each night.  So anyway back to Verizon.  We get an email from them saying that in 3 days we have accumulated $50 in roaming data charges!  So Deanie was back on the phone with them!  They were very nice and have set us up so that we are charged in increments of 100 megabytes of data used.  It’s $25/ 100 mgs.  I am good with  this as we won’t be just open browsing with it anyway.

Today we got up and the toilet did not want to flush.  I spent a few hours disassembling the toilet (you know how I love plumbing).  It turns out that there was just some (looked like plastic) stuck in the small opening where the water sprays out.  So that was fun!

We left at about 10am and drove through Dawson Creek, AB.  (Now we are back on Pacific time, we were Mountain time in AB)  This is the start of the Alaskan Hwy.  We had to have our pictures made in front of the sign of course.  We also went into a museum inside the Alberta Pool Elevators building.  They had pictures of when the Alaskan hwy was built (1942).  You will see just a few of those pictures below. 

Also when we left Dawson City we drove on the original Alaskan hwy.  There is only one remaining wooden bridge from 1942 still standing.  We took a few pictures and drove over the bridge.  Pretty neat.

We decided to stay at Charlie Lake Provincial Park.  Charge was $16 for the night.  This site was the staging area for the equipment that built the Alaskan Hwy.  Park was fairly empty when we got here.  We did walk around and started down to the lake.  It turned out that each of the three paths were like rivers, so we passed.  The weather today was nice, no rain.  Perfect temperature.

Day 5 from Jasper, AB to Grand Prairie, AB
Day 6 from Grand Prairie, AB to Charlie Lake, BC
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(If you don't see the "blue line" grab the map and pull it to the left or right and the line will appear - Also the little minus on the left side zooms you out and the plus zooms you in)


I don't know if you can read the note on the picture but it says:  The rivers were the first real problem the engineers faced.  They arrived in March and immediatly began a race agains time to cross rivers from Dawson Creek to Fort Nelson before the spring thaw.  They employed every truck available in the country to help.  A pilot flying along that route at night said it looked like Broadway with a steady stream of headlights.
This is the place the Alcan begins.  The official road is from Dawson Creek, BC to Delta Junction, AK.  The parking lot had many RV's waiting to get their picture made in front of the sign.
I almost got stopped in time to get a picture of the sign!  Oh well the hike back up the hill was good exercise!
This shows the last remaining wooden bridge (Kiskatinaw) on the original Alcan highway.  The bridge is 531 ft long.  Sign says weight limit is 20,000 kg.  Good enough for us!
The wood looks good and I'm sure this has had a few upgrades.  It did creek or moan as we went over.
As someone else had said on the website:  "Tourist blocking view of bridge"!
Campsite at the Charlie Lake Provencial Park.  Sites have no hookups but are set in some nice surroundings.  Driver could have done a better job of parking!
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