Bill & Deanie's Trip To Alaska 2012

  June 5 - Day 4 June 6 & 7

We started the day with RAIN!  We thought we would unhook the trailer and drive up to Lake Louise.  We did and we almost drowned!  It was really coming down.  Makes Washington rain look really “wimpy”.  The path down to the lake was mostly covered with ice and the rainwater was running right down the middle of it.  When we did get down to the lake it was mostly frozen over.  We took a few pics and then back in the truck.

We then drove to the famous and luxurious hotel, Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise.  We parked and walked around the hotel.  It was a good place to dry out.  I did walk out and take a few more pictures of the lake.  $10.00 to park if you aren’t eating or staying at the hotel. Late in the morning we left campground and drove the length of the Icefield Parkway.  It is about 150 miles long and is a two lane road.  The road is good until you get to about ½ way through and then it’s a washboard although still paved. 

As the day progressed we got a few breaks in the rain.  We were able to get out and do a little walk here and there.  We feel that this is our “introduction” to the Icefield Parkway and we will be back when the sky is blue and the waters all blue-green.  We are thinking  the middle of Sept might be a good time to visit.

 We filled up with fuel once today.  We did that in Lake Louis and paid $1.27/liter.  That is about $4.80/gal. U.S.

 We ended the day pretty much same as yesterday.  Our free camp spot couldn’t be found (or has been changed) so we went to the Whistlers Campground in Jasper.  $32 for a site with electric only. 

Day 4 from Lake Louise, AB to Jasper, AB   
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