Bill & Deanie's Trip To Alaska 2012

  June 4 - Day 3 June 5

 Day 3 we did some stuff at the trailer (this log, Quicken, etc.) and didn't leave Ft Steele until around 10:30am. The drive today was along route 93/95, going northwest. Weather today was great.

Saw lots of dead trees as a result of the pine bark beetle problem. Sign said the problem started in 1981 and a part of that problem has been the suppression of fires. There is an ongoing effort to do “prescribed” burns in the area to eliminate some of the underbrush. Warmer winters have also contributed to the problem, as the beetle doesn’t die off.

We stopped at Columbia Lake overlook. This lake is the starting place of water’s progression into the Columbia River. The sign says 1967 billion cubic meters of water is disgorged from the Columbia River yearly. At the split of Hwy 93 and 95 we took 93 into Kootenay National Park. We were welcomed in French and English and bought a 3 day park for all national parks for $33.30 (sr. rate). We will be in three different parks. Radium is famous for it’s hot springs. Quite a few pools to choose from, but we passed it by. I’m the party pooper.

Anyway; what wonderful scenery in the whole area. The glacier fed turquoise colored Kootenay River meanders through the valley. Pullouts are available but sometimes you wish there were more. While still on Hwy 93, we got our first moose sighting. It was a young looking male right in the ditch on the side of the road.

Once we reached the intersection of Hwy 1 and 93 we went onto what is a small road (Hwy 1a) that parallels Hwy 1 to Banff, AB. This is the old road and is where you will see wildlife. Along the road we saw two bear, 7 deer and another moose. Traffic comes to a stop when an animal is sighted (much like at Yellowstone). We tried to find a place to stay that was listed in our “Days End” (free camping publication). We never found it as Hwy 1 has been totally rebuilt.

So we ended up heading to Lake Louise and camping in the Lake Louise RV Park. Total was $32 for the night. Only hook up is 30amp electric. A big park with 300 some spaces with the sites side by side. There is plenty of space between the sites so it wasn’t bad. I would hate to be around when it was full though!

Day 3 from Ft. Steele, British Columbia to Lake Louise   
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