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We drove along Turnagain Arm to Girdwood, south of Anchorage.  This is a very popular area for the residents of Anchorage. At the ski resort, we rode a tram to the top of the mountain. Besides winter sports, there are lots of hiking trails, flight seeing tours, parasailing and nice restaurants

The views forever and the mountains still with lots of snow are out of this world.  It is a must see for anyone coming to the Anchorage area.  We had lunch at the bakery in Girdwood.  Lunch included a shared, yummy cinnamon roll.


June 30 at Anchorage, AK

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When you drive So. of Anchorage on the Seward Hwy you will come to Turnagain Arm.  This view is looking south across the bay.
In the same area that the above was taken there are cliffs on the other side of the road.  Mountain Goats can usually be seen here.
A little further down the road.  Now you can see how the tide is out right now.  Turnagain Arm has a special feature called a "Bore Tide".  To learn more go to:  very interesting!
View in another direction across Turnagain Arm.
This is in front of the resturant that we ate at in Gridwood, AK.  Very yummy "cinnamon roll".
Here we go up the Alyeska Resort tram that in about 8 minutes and a verticle rise of 2,025 ft takes you to views that are very hard to describe.
One of those undescribable views!
Karen & Frank Severy with Deanie and I on the top of the mountain.
You might have seen the blue thing in the middle of the picture (just above the group shot above).  Well this is where they jump off the cliff!
Couldn't resist a flower shot.  I didn't get the name, sorry.
We visited Potters Marsh wetlands.  A really great boardwalk.  This was one of the swallows visiting the area.
Another couple of visitors of the wetlands.  The Seagull is not a friend of the Turn.  Seagulls eat the Turns eggs!
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