Bill & Deanie's Trip To Alaska 2012

  June 3 - Day 2 June 4

Day 1 we left Cabela's at about 9am.  Went to the first truck stop, Love's and paid $4.04 per gal for fuel.  Weather was really nice for most of the trip.  I drove and Deanie studied up on how to use our new camera.  It's a Nikon D3100 and I am finding out what I have been missing all of these years in a "real" digital camera.  You should see some examples in our pictures.

We turned north on Hwy 95 at Coeur D'Alene, ID.   What beautiful country!  In Couer D'Alene I noticed they had a bike/walking path for miles along the Spokane river.  Great place to walk and the views must be fantastic.

The crossing of the border into Canada went smooth. We did learn something from the Canadian Border Patrol person though. In fact we can add to our list of "things to do before crossing the border into Canada". Last time we crossed with the trailer (in 2001), I did not look at the Border Patrol person when he questioned me. So I was told to to always look at the Border Patrol person when questioned. Actually I had looked over at Deanie because the guy was asking me about fruits and vegetables. Of course I didn't have a clue so that is why I referred the question to Deanie. He didn't know me! This time the question was directly to Deanie. How much wine did we have on board. Deanie's response was not the correct one. She said we have "one or two" bottles. The Patrol person told us that the correct answer is "one" or "two" but not "one or two". So in other words we should know how much wine we have BEFORE we arrive at the check point. As I said we will add this to our list and try and make sure we don't have this issue again. All in all we feel very comfortable going into Canada. Very nice people.

After spending a "free" night at Cabela's last night we decided that tonight would be hookups (that means water/dump and electric for you "non-RV" types).  So the destination tonight is going to be Ft. Steele in British Columbia.  We arrived at Ft. Steele Resort & RV Park at about 2pm.  We unhooked the trailer and drove just a short distance to Ft. Steele itself.  It was $6.10 (ea) for the entry and they close at 5pm.  We toured the various shops and talked to the person doing leatherwork and the blacksmith (apprentice).  The apprentice said in order to become a journeyman blacksmith he needed to make a total of 1000 nails.  I asked him how many he had made and he said 543 as of today!

I will write a bit from the brochure we got at the Fort.

The Origins of Fort Steele is closely linked to the discovery of gold on nearby Wild Horse Creek in the 1860's.  The gold rush peaked in 1865 when an estimated 5,000 prospectors flooded into Fisherville combing the hills in search of their fortune.  The gold strike was rich, as many men reportedly earned from $40,000 to $60,000 that summer.

Ft Steel today represents a typical turn of the century town of the East Kootenays.  Over 60 buildings and structures have been restored and reconstructed since the site was designated a heritage property in 1961.

Things turned south at Ft Steel when the railroad chose to take another path.  Ft. Steel was not much more than a ghost town by 1905.  

Day 2 from Post Falls, ID. to Ft. Steele, British Columbia      
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