Bill & Deanie's Trip To Alaska 2012

  June 29th June 30

We drove from Talkeetna Camper Park to Anchorage to visit a few days with our friends, Frank & Karen. We have parked in the their next door neighbor’s driveway.  We are very appreciative of these folks as they let us “camp” at their house while we are here. 

We spent the afternoon and evening “catching up” since their visit to Washington in 2010.  At 6pm we went with them to watch them play tennis.  They are avid players and have a close group of friends they play with all year round.  After tennis we all went to dinner.  We enjoy lots of great Italian food and conversation.  It was fun meeting everyone.


June 29 Talkeetna Camper Park to Anchorage, AK.
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Did not get any pictures today - more tomorrow!  
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