Bill & Deanie's Trip To Alaska 2012

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We left RiversEdge RV Park around 8:45 a.m. and went to Alyeska Tire to have trailer tire replaced. We topped off the fuel tank at $4.12/gallon. . We drove to Denali where rivers, spruce/birch and big views are the rule. The sky was hazy though and we didn’t really see any good shots from the road.

We got to the Denali RV Park & Motel about 1pm. (about 115 miles from Fairbanks).  The park is fairly nice, quiet (except for the on and off traffic on highway) and the WiFi is good. We’re located about 8 mi north of Denali National Park entrance. 

We drove into the park and walked around the visitor’s center.  We saw the dog sled demonstration.  You are able to meet the dogs and they love attention and petting.  They have the dogs pull a sled a short distance.   The dogs at Denali are quite different than the dogs we saw at Susan Butcher’s place.  The park Huskys are a stronger more powerful type than the racing dogs who are slender and bred for speed and endurance.  At Denali dogs are used in winter to contact winter visitors, haul supplies, transport wildlife researchers, and help insure that there are no illegal activities within the park, (such as poaching or snow machines entering wilderness areas).

Showers and some thunder in afternoon.

June 23 Fairbanks, Ak. to Denali RV Park & Motel
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This is funny.  See the boats down by the water.  There is no beach along the Nenana River in this area.  Wonder how they get the boats down there?
This is how!  Down the ramp!  I sure would like to be here and see the group going down!
Deanie wondering around the museum.
Deanie petting one of the Sled Dogs.
They will do anything for a little attention!
Is Chinook relaxed or what?
Bill gets into the petting act.
The "team" bringing it home!
As we were coming back from the Dog Sled Demo we had a Moose and her two calves cross the path.  The calves were about 2 months old.
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