Bill & Deanie's Trip To Alaska 2012

  June 2 - Day1 June 3

Day 1 we went along Hwy 90 to Spokane.  Real exciting, huh!  Well we couldn't just do the day without some "challenges".  Well a few minor ones but none the less "issues".  First we aren't even into Hoodsport and Oden (one of our cats on board) decided he needed to upchuck!   So we stopped and Deanie cleaned it up while I went to the post office (convient huh?).

Our first fill up was at a 76 station at George, WA.  224 miles from home and averaged 12 mpg.  Diesel price $3.89 per gallon.    From George to our final destination for the night, Post Falls, ID it was an additional 155 miles.  Total miles for the day was 379 miles.   Kind of a long day for us.

We ended up staying in Cabela's in Post Falls, ID.  They have a nice place for RV's to park (and dump) and we (and a few neighbors) stayed in the parking lot.  Our main reason for staying here (other than the price) was the purchase of some "magic sauce" for mesquitos.  Ultrathon was the product.  Deanie was told by our friends in AK that this stuff really works.  

No WIFI at Cabela's!

Day 1 from Home to Post Falls, ID.     
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