Bill & Deanie's Trip To Alaska 2012

  June 19th June 20th


Today we drove from Tok, AK to Fairbanks, AK.  About 200 miles.  Day was really nice, weather has warmed up nicely.   

The ride along this part of the ALCAN gives you a view of the Alaska Range to the West.  Very impressive mountains!  We got just a glimpse of Mt McKinley and I have included that photo below.

We stopped along the way at the Delta Meat & Sausage Co.  This place has some great homemade sausage.  You can choose from Moose, Elk, Buffalo, Reindeer or just beef, your choice.  We picked us some Reindeer Polish. 

Our friends from Hoodsport are in Fairbanks as well.  Denny and Donna Martinsen are here.  Denny is driving a tour bus for the summer for Princess Cruises.  Donna is working in the RV park behind the desk.  They got up here in Mar.  Denny says it was –20 when they arrived!  When we arrived it was 85 deg!  Turns out we are in the same RV Park as Denny and Donna!  We didn’t even know where they were staying. 

When we pulled in and started unhooking, Deanie noticed one of our tires was wearing.  This was strange as we just put on new tires about 2 yrs ago.  We found out from the office about a place to look at the trailer. 
June 19th Tok, AK to Fairbanks, AK
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(If you don't see the "blue line" grab the map and pull it to the left or right and the line will appear - Also the little minus on the left side zooms you out and the plus zooms you in)


Picture from a turnout (sorry about the wire - but this was the best shot at the pullout - better ones along the road).  This is the Alaska Range to the west of the highway.
Looking across the Tanana River which parallels the highway.  In the winter the ice can get over 40 in thick on this river.  The Nenana Ice Classic, begun in 1917, is an annual guessing game about the date of the ice break-up.  Look at the mountain just about the center of this picture and then go to the picture below.
This is a "blow up" of the area above.  This is Mt McKinley and you can see some of it!  It's estimated that only one in three visitors actually get to see the mountain as it is usually hidden by clouds.
Another view of the Tanana River.  This area represented some of the richest gold fields in AK!
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