Bill & Deanie's Trip To Alaska 2012

  June 15th June 16th

The day started on an interesting note. I went to put some of our $4 diesel into the truck to offset some of the $5.50+ diesel. I have the fuel in two 5 gal containers in the back of the truck. I have them secured with a cable and a lock. As part of my “anti-theft” idea I had stuck the lock down in one of the slots (intended for adding a stand around the back of the truck). So I put the key in the lock and the key lock and OTHER keys fell down into the slot. I could hear all the keys come out of the lock and fall all the way down into the bottom of the slot (somewhere at the bottom of the bed). I couldn’t believe I had just done this, but I did!

I tried various ways, but that area is totally sealed off from any way to get in there (short of cutting out the bed). There were two ladies from Montreal parked just across from us. They saw we were having some difficulties. They offered us a long magnetic tool that I tried, but still could not get the keys out.

My biggest problem was the fact that I had keys to our generator on the key chain as well. I had just put ALL of the keys on one key chain. That included the TWO keys for the generator lock. The generator was locked to the back of our trailer because we’d used it the night before! So here we sat with no key to remove the generator.

I unhitched the trailer and drove a short distance to the tiny town of Mayo. At the gas station/ cabin rentals, I explained our problem to the owners. The husband said he thought he could help. Sure enough he was at the trailer in a few minutes with an electric cutter. He cut the cable in about 15 seconds. We were free of the generator! I offered him payment, but he just waved me off saying he was late for work.

We packed and went back to the station for fuel and to thank the lady. We left some money, which she didn’t want, saying they have lots of “interruptions”. They were just nice neighborly people.

The road from Mayo to Dawson City was ROUGH with lots of breaks and frost heaves. I don’t see how anyone in an RV could make any time on this stretch. We stopped at several pull outs to get pictures. I have included those below.

We got to Dawson (some 150 miles) about 2:30 pm and stopped at Bonanza Gold Motel & RV Park. This park (and several others) sits on the tailings of the gold dredging operations that went on in the area. Once we had registered we found out that we could only get 40 mgs of data each day on the Internet. Whoopee! I can use that up just putting our pictures on the website!

After setting up, we went to look for locks and cable (since all were now useless) at the NAPA store. No luck, they didn’t know what a trailer hitch lock was. So we went on into Dawson City to do our errands there. Went to the local grocery store. Lets just say the variety was a little limited! From there we went to the hardware store. We picked up some cable and locks to replace the lost keys.

Tomorrow we will be doing some touring of the area. At the Canadian Parks Information building we purchased a 5 pack of tours. There are so many more that we could do, but money and time limits that.


June 15McIntyre Park Municipal campground (near Mayo, YT) to Dawson City, YT

(If you don't see the "blue line" grab the map and pull it to the left or right and the line will appear - Also the little minus on the left side zooms you out and the plus zooms you in)


View from the Tintina Trench rest area.  The Tintina Trench runs from the Dawson Creek area to Watson Lake.  This trench is known to be the "holder" of the Yukon gold.
This shot is looking to the NW from The Midnight Dome.  This is the large mountain to the south of Dawson City.  It's unbelievable the 360 degree views from this location.  Across the Yukon River on the right side of the picture you can see the "Top Of The World" road.   This will be the dirt road we take on Monday when we leave Dawson City headed for Chicken, Alaska.
Same location of picture as above.  This time looking "downstream" on the Yukon river.  Dawson City sits right below us here. 
Kinda the same shot as the first one.  This one includes our truck (and others) in the shot.
Now we are looking South.  On the right side of the picture you see a road going into the canyon (toward the top of the picture).  That is the road (and canyon) where Dredge #4 is located.  This is the Bonanza Creek Claim area.
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