Bill & Deanie's Trip To Alaska 2012

  June 12th June 13th

Everyone got up this morning hooking up. Some people have been “stranded” here since Thursday without the luxury of full hookups. The day began cool and a bit breezy; reading 43 as we started down the road. Taking pictures was chilly (we Washingtonians wanting summer?) Before leaving Watson Lake we filled up the truck. Fuel was $1.40 / liter or about $5.30/ga. We decided it was best to leave on a full tank, not knowing what the fuel situation was ahead. The wash out (at least the big one – we encountered many graveled areas) was at about 76 miles from Watson Lake. There were a few trucks/trailers waiting when we got there. We were only there a few minutes when the line started moving. It wasn’t nearly as bad as we were thinking it would be. The whole thing couldn’t have been more than ¼ of a mile long. The road crews have done a great job of fixing this big problem. You could just get a glance at the amount of debris that had come down and believe me it was a LOT!

Besides the wash out and the areas of gravel (construction) the roads were so, so today. The one thing that Deanie mentioned was there was more oncoming traffic today than we have seen. We speculated that maybe the road outage is why we met so few cars/trucks on previous days. Also why we saw more bears and other animals.

Today the only animals that we saw were two foxes. One of them streaked across the road in front of us with something rather large in his mouth. He stopped just before he went into the bush and looked back our way. Then just a bit down the road we saw another fox (he was a lighter color of brown) standing on the side of the road. Mates perhaps.

We arrived just So of Whitehorse about 3:30pm. We are staying at the Wolf Creek Government campground tonight. If fact we decided to pay for two nights ($12/night). The campground is about 6 mi so of Whitehorse. Whitehorse is the capital of the Yukon and there are a lot of things to see.

We drove into town and went to the Smith House (a visitor center type of place) and got some info. Also they gave us a free three day parking pass. We went to the library and I downloaded a manual on our Honda 1000 generator (never had one as we bought this one at a garage sale). We were hungry and went to a rather fancy restaurant (Cork & Bull) for very nice dinner.

Update: It’s June 13th and this morning the temperature is 35 out. Boy it’s nice to have the catalytic heater with us! It’s clear anyway, no rain.

June 12 Watson Lake, YT to Wolf Creek Campground, YT
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While cleaning the rig (Downtown RV Park had a wash) we noticed some road damage to the truck.  For some reason the back roof light is cracked.  Nothing that a little "duck tape" can't cure!
This was our "safe haven" at the Downtown RV Park in Watson Lake.  Man were we glad to get this spot!
Overlook between Watson Lake and "the washout".  This is the Little Ranceria River and it is a little out of it's normal banks.  Of course up here the rivers are wild, not like in the lower 48 where rivers are more like canals.  It's amazing to see how far the rivers spread out over the valley's.
This was the crowd waiting to get across the washout.  Again we were lucky the wait was only a few minutes.
Crosssing over the washout.  Pretty dusty but easy process.
This is the pullout just above the village of Teslin.  The bridge is called the Nisutlin Bay Bridge.  Most of the larger bridges like this one have a metal grate surface.  Makes for an interesting trip across in the RV!

The area here is a part of the Nisutlin River Delta.  This is a major staging area for thousands of ducks, geese, swans and shorebirds that stop here to feed on exposed mud flats before continueing their journey south.
This is the Yukon River Bridge. 
Railroad station in downtown Whitehorse. 
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