Bill & Deanie's Trip To Alaska 2012

  June 11th June 12th

On and off showers today.  We  wern't bored, while waiting for the road to open.  Went to the “signpost Forest" (over 77,000 signs in 2010) of course and looked around.  We did not bring anything to post so I guess we won't be "famous".  Stopped in at the visitor’s center (VC) and enjoyed talking with the paid representative (all volunteer at our Hoodsport V.I.C.) There was a small, but interesting museum.  The Alcan Highway was built because the we were afraid that the Japanese were going to attack the US via Alaska.  So the government spent $50million dollars building the road.  20,000 military and civilian people and completed it in 9 months. After WWII was over US government sold it to Canada for $77 million .   Canada rebuilt it over the next years!

Trucks were lining the streets here in Watson Lake.  They did take some of the food containers that were being trucked and flew them up to Whitehorse.  So those truckers turned around and went home.

We walked around Wye Lake and wetlands that is across the road from the RV Park.  Good easy walk about 3 km (1.8miles).  It's  a nice trail with several sections of boardwalk and we met a few other “trapped tourists” doing the same.

Finally this evening we found out that the road is now open.  They call it a “Pioneer Road”.  I did take a couple of pictures at the VIC showing a “Pioneer Road”.  I hope this one is better than that!  The new "road" is about 5 km  long. Should be another Alcan Hwy adventure.



Downtown RV Park.  Nothing special but do we feel lucky to have "FULL Hookups"!
This was why Whitehorse (town just north of us) had no fuel!  These large trucks were lining the streets.
We had to have a picture of Bill in front of the Signpost Forest!  Boy there are a lot of towns that seem to have lost their city limit signs!
This was the sign in the visitor center with the "Pioneer Road".
Just below the sign above was this picture!  So when I saw the Pioneer Road and then the tractor, I just replace dthe tractor with our 5th wheel! 
Wye Lake.   The few RV's you can see across the lake are parked in a "NO Camping" park.  During "wash outs" though, every place is open. Watson Lake has been a good host.  Movies, hockey playoffs in rec center  on big screen and more.
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