Bill & Deanie's Trip To Alaska 2012

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We are sitting (stranded with a few 100 other RV friends) at Downtown RV Park in “downtown” Watson Lake right now. We only arrive yesterday to find out the news of the road outage ahead. We had “over-nighted” north of Liard Hot Springs at a pull out and had no cell coverage there. So for the next 300 some miles, no cell phone, no radio, no communications. We didn’t regain our coverage until about 8 mi from Watson Lake.

Yesterday the town welcomed all “stranded visitors” to a chili dinner. It was done by donation only and it seemed to be well attended. We set at a table with one of the truckers who was also stuck here. He was from TX and hauling some cable to a town north of here.

As for yesterday the trip to Watson Lake was great. The road is a little bumpy. We are very impressed with the way they maintain the roadsides up here. In fact we saw two big mowing machines working away. We stopped at Contact Creek to refuel and the guy there is a fulltime resident (he said the only day they are closed is Christmas Day). He said the road is plowed often and kept very nice in the winter.

The picture of a black bear and a brown bear is really confusing. It looks like to us that the brown one is a grizzly. It just seems weird to see the two feeding so close together. They were definitely watching each other as we took pictures. The picture of the mother griz and baby were at a rest stop. I had just got out and walked around the back of the trailer. Wow, what is that, A BEAR! I had to postpone my trip to the trailer as Deanie insisted we find another rest stop. It was funny they were walking right toward us until I opened the door to the truck. The beeper started going off and the mother bear immediately headed to the woods.

When driving into Watson Lake we noticed many RV’s setting in pull out areas. We thought at the time this was kind of strange. We only found out when we got here the reason behind this! This was like the perfect storm. It has been a late thaw and now the weather has warmed quickly. So the snow is melting and it has to go somewhere!

I was just told that there would be another update on road conditions at 10am so maybe we will know more then.

June 10 N59.62465 W126.82326 to Watson Lake, YT
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(If you don't see the "blue line" grab the map and pull it to the left or right and the line will appear - Also the little minus on the left side zooms you out and the plus zooms you in)


These are known as "Wood Bison".  We saw several of these along the road side.  200mm lense comes in handy.  Sometime I wish I had a 300mm one!  Deanie suggested a 28 to 300mm.  I looked it up and at $1000 bucks, I guess we will just keep swapping lenses!
This was taken from a viewpoint called Allen's lookout.  Our Milepost has the following entry:  "Legend has it that a band of outlaws took advantage of this sweeping view of the Laird River to attack and rob riverboats. "  There was a lot of debris (complete trees) in the river.
Grizzly on the hillside.  Watching us or the Black bear just below him?
Black Bear just below Grizzly.
This was the two bears right in the same area.
View as I went around the back of our trailer at the pullout.  Lesson:  In the north country always have your eyes open!
Another Black bear browsing the lunch menu along the road.  So much wildlife uses the road side because the pickings are good.  We saw miles and miles of dandelions which is what these bears seemed to be really liking!
The welcome to Yukon sign.  That was nice to see.  We just didn't know what "suprise" lied ahead!
Maybe the truck setting along the road would have told us something!  They are everywhere!
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