Bill & Deanie's Trip To Alaska 2012

  July 8th July 9
 We left the neighbor’s driveway this morning (again much thanks). 

Karen & Frank are thinking about purchasing an RV.  So they asked to be exposed to the full RV “experience”.  When we told them we had to “dump” this morning on our way out, they wanted to see what that meant.   There was a gas station close by with a free dump and fresh water fill up (that’s becoming unusual in most areas).  I guess Karen & Frank are now turned off with the idea of RV’ing!  They watched (most) of the “experience”.  I won’t go into details!  You just have to realize that no matter what activity you do, there are some things that make that experience just a little less than wonderful!

We drove from Anchorage to Tolsona Wilderness Campground about 170 mi.  Along the route was the Matanuska Glacier.  We stopped at the pull out and took pictures.  There is a state park and camping is available. 

Tolsona Wilderness Campground is about 15 mi from Glenallen, AK.  Our space is right on Tolsona Creek and beautiful.  A really nice park and it lives up to its name with a very wilderness feel to it.   From here we are going to Valdez.   


July 8th at Anchorage, AK to Tolsona Wilderness Campgroundna Wilderness Campground
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(If you don't see the "blue line" grab the map and pull it to the left or right and the line will appear - Also the little minus on the left side zooms you out and the plus zooms you in)  

If you would like to see for yourself what we are seeing, click on the "view Larger Map".  Then go to the street view and get a 360 deg view of the roads we are traveling.  I love that feature!



Camping spot at Frank & Karen's neighbor's house while in Anchorage.
The Matanuska River.  I just love these "real" rivers.  Note the banks are a mile apart. Huge flood plains on all the major rivers.
Another shot a little further down the road.
This is looking at the Matanuska Glacier from the turnout.
The 200 mm view of the same glacier.
As we came to this viewpoint a rain shower was developing.  I tried to get a shot of it.
This is our camping spot for the night at Tolsona Wilderness Campground.  Right on the creek!
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