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  July21st - 23rd End of Journey!

 Trip Home

July 21st

Overnight at Burns Lake, BC. We stayed FREE at the Municipal CG at Radley Beach. Nice spot by the lake and a really nice park. We used the generator to watch a movie.

We’ve decided it’s time to head home. We’ve seen and done a lot of what we came to do and we are ready to spend the next few days driving and checking out what’s along the road. Sorry no more pictures.

July 22nd

Drove from Burns Lake, BC to Big Country RV Park just south of Lac La Hache, BC. During the drive today we hit a really hard rainstorm. The rain was coming down so hard that we could barely see the road. Some motorcycles were just parked waiting for it to clear. It must have been a fun day for them!

We were surprised to find that the RV Park had no water. They are having trouble with the well. The guy gave us a 50% discount so we paid $16 for electric & cable tv. So that was fine even though we didn’t have a lot of fresh water in our tank.

July 23rd

Last overnight is at Mount Vernon RV Park, WA. We crossed the border with about a 35 min wait. No big deal as the questions were very normal, things that we have heard many times since we first started the trip.

Since this is my last entry I wanted to make a few comments about the trip. It was everything I expected (and more). I know for me it is all about the openness of the North Country. You kind of feel like you are stepping back in time. Even with our modern conveniences along with us, it doesn’t change the countryside. You just don’t get those 100 mile views in many places in the lower 48.

I would encourage anyone with a desire to see something really different, take a trip up north. It doesn’t have to be a 7,000 mi road trip. One really cool way to do this is to take the Alaskan Ferry system. You can bring a car on board and stay in a stateroom and eat meals prepared on board. Pick your stop and then take the car and check out some of the local areas away from the “touristy” haunts. Pick up the next ferry and proceed to the next stop. Don’t get me wrong, as there is nothing wrong with visiting as a typical tourist. You can learn some interesting history from the tours that you take. But it is always good to enhance you understanding of the area on some “self guided tours”.



July 21st - 23rd Trip Home
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