Bill & Deanie's Trip To Alaska 2012

  July13th July 14

Arrived at Haines  

Today we traveled from the Cottonwood RV Park in YT to Hitchup RV Park in Haines, AK.  We looked at times for Haines to Skagway ferry and decided we could spend a few days in Haines and take the Monday July 16th  one-hour crossing. It’s only 15 miles.  If we had to back track and drive, it’s 375 miles. Well worth the $200.

Border crossing back into U.S. was quick and young man seemed more interested in our cats than anything else. He was nice while at the same time questioning us. Roads varied from really great roads to dirt with some gravel.  There was a section after we left Haines Junction that was 10 miles of dirt.  Clouds of dust everywhere.  And then the water tank showed up!  Our truck/trailer has the new Alaska color!

After we left Haines Junction the clouds closed in and we couldn’t see the mountains.  I am sure there must have been some pretty terrific views. We did spot some wildlife; one black bear, one grizzly (missed him so we didn’t get a picture), more trumpeter swans and a long-range view of a moose.

Once we arrived at Haines we washed the truck/trailer (again!). We then took a walk into town; a very picturesque village place with all of the necessary stores.  Walked along the harbor front full of fishing boats.  We even toured the Hammer Museum.  If you have ever thought about any type of hammer, this guy has it! Really quirky, but fun. Museum was on the CBS Sunday Morning show one time.



July 13th Cottonwood RV Park at Kluane Lake, YT to Hitchup RV Park in Haines, AK.
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(If you don't see the "blue line" grab the map and pull it to the left or right and the line will appear - Also the little minus on the left side zooms you out and the plus zooms you in)  

If you would like to see for yourself what we are seeing, click on the "view Larger Map".  Then go to the street view and get a 360 deg view of the roads we are traveling.  I love that feature!



Clouds are interesting too!
You can't pass Haines Jct without a picture of the downtown icon, The Village Monument.  A 24 ft high sculpture nicknamed "The Muffin". 
Ok so here is a picture of the rig after tackeling the road for "some of the day".
Our wildlife picture for the day.  The bear is right along the highway although by the time you get stopped, the right lens attached, etc. etc. you don't always get the shot you saw when you were rolling.
Fields of Lupine are everywhere.
The boat docks at Haines, AK.
 One wall of many at the Hammer Museum.
It's not fancy!
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