Bill & Deanie's Trip To Alaska 2012

  July12th July 13

Route Valdez - Haines

We left the Sourghdough Campground around 9 am. Weather was very nice with a little breeze. The road out of Tok is on Alaska Hwy 2 until you cross the Yukon border then it becomes Hwy 1. This section is really rough. Is it paved? That’s a hard one to answer. Yes there is pavement, but nothing like in the lower 48. You come across these breaks that are perpendicular to your travel. They’re about 3-4 in. deep. When our truck hits them, there’s a “thug” and a jolt. Then you come to an area where the road has sunk and it might go right along with your direction of travel for several feet or 100 yds. Don’t let me forget the dips. Those really do a job on the truck/ trailer combination! We aren’t equipped to be a roller coaster!

But the scenery from the road is like it has been every day up here. Wide open spaces and river valleys that go on as far as the eye can see. Spectacular is a just word and not really sufficient.

I have been looking for groups or stands of Diamond Willow. It costs $20 for a walking stick up here (unfinished - $50 finished). I’m not sure what to look for, but it would be neat to bring a few pieces home.

We ended a LONG day at Cottonwood RV Park beside Kluane Lake and is surrounded by the St. Elias Mountains. A postcard setting The park operates on a generator and only has 15amp service. We stayed at this same place back in 2001 although we had forgotten until we pulled into the park. The park quickly filled with RVs, camper, vans and motorcycles. It’s the only campground for many miles


July 12th Sourghdough Campground, Tok, Ak to Cottonwood RV Park at Kluane Lake, YT
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(If you don't see the "blue line" grab the map and pull it to the left or right and the line will appear - Also the little minus on the left side zooms you out and the plus zooms you in)  

If you would like to see for yourself what we are seeing, click on the "view Larger Map".  Then go to the street view and get a 360 deg view of the roads we are traveling.  I love that feature!



 More snow covered peaks along the route.
 Gray Jays are common.
I just love this grass that is along the road.  "Blowing in the breeze"!
A veiw from the Kluane River Overlook. 
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